Wednesday, 24 October 2012

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He looked at the size of the dildo and let out an audible gulp. Surely that couldn't fit inside his tight asshole. He was gay, but he had always been a top. Things were about to change. He felt the tip of the dildo pushing against his ring.
Suddenly it was inside, pushing past his ringpiece and shoving itself further and further into his hot ass. He let out an involutary gasp of shock and pleasure. He knew he would never be the same again... and neither would his ass hole.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Butt Plug boy

Take off your clothes, put the towel on and lay on the bed. When you're ready, give me a shout and I'll start the massage. Jared felt the hot oil pouring over his back as the firm hands rubbed away at his muscular aches and pains. He felt his entire body relaxing completely. Then he felt the masseurs hands going higher and higher up his legs. Soon they were beneath the towel, playing with his now relaxed butt hole. Pushing and stroking their way inside him. Suddenly he felt the masseur's voice next to his ear, his hot breath whispering a question. 'Are you ready?'. Jared opened his eyes to see the huge, transparent buttplug being lubed with oil ready for insertion into his ass. He was shocked, and almost lept off the table in fright. Then he remembered how he had felt when the masseur played with his ass hole. He wasn't gay, but he knew he had enjoyed the feeling. 'I'm ready'... he said, and relaxed back down on the massage bed... Waiting to be stretched like never before...

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Security Breach - Gay Video Drill My Hole

Security Guard Andrew Stark catches Tommy Defendi getting blown in a warehouse and rushes into to put a stop to the unlawful activities.  Andrew is a little turned on and gives Tommy an opportunity to finish what he started.

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